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Enjoy the Effects Of CBD + CBG

Get 0% of the High With 100% Bliss With Hhemp.co

Our CBD+CBG blends are available in a variety of forms. From Lollipops to Delta8 infused pre-rolls bring about balance to your mind, body, & soul.

Who Is Hhemp.co?

High quality products. Easy access to wellness. Growth opportunity for farmers. These are some crucial aspects of Hhemp.co. The company has taken on the mission to bring high quality CBD + CBG and Delta 8 products to the consumers around the world. Dr. Bao Le, the CEO of Hhemp.co first started this initiative to help his son who was battling autism and help those around him who were part of different battles. While it was his personal plea that introduced him to CBD and CBG, today, his brand has garnered the status of one of the best CBD companies to exist. However, solely referring to the Hhemp.co as a CBD centric brand would be misleading.

Hhemp.co products are made from 100% hemp derived cannabinoids and contain only under 0.3% Delta-9 THC, which is not enough to deliver an intolerable high. However, the effects can be potent because of the entourage effect which may resemble the high of THC. The effects too can vary from person to person based on the amount consumed and other individual factors.

Hhemp.co as a brand wants to redefine the idea of wellness with hemp derived CBD, CBG and Delta-8 THC infused products. There are many benefits of using these wonderful products including:

  • Organic hemp products
  • Third party lab tested
  • Ultra entourage effect
  • Variety of products
  • Diminished high

The ease of consumption of these products coupled with the benefits makes for the perfect CBD experience.

Hhemp.co pre-rolls offer a slow burn and can therefore last longer than an average hemp pre-roll.

Yes, it is completely safe to use Hhemp.co Delta 8 products. Every product is tested and ensured to have precise amounts of D8 which is generally handled well by consumers.

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