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Bringing effective and affordable CBD to you with premium products by Lazarus Naturals CBD. Discover a vast selection of highly rated CBD capsules, tinctures, balms, dog treats, creams, isolate, RSO oil, and more. The hemp for their CBD is grown in Portland, and they are highly rated on Google reviews too!


A Brand Made For All

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We have no secrets. Our transparent farm-to-front door model lets you in on the production process beginning from hemp cultivation to the final packaging.

Who Are Lazarus Naturals?

One of a kind, one in a million. That’s what comes to mind when we talk about Lazarus Naturals. The brand has been a game changer in its efforts of making affordable, high quality cannabinoid rich products an easily accessible reality for the legally adult population.

Started in 2014, by Sequoia Price-Lazarus and his team of Evan Skandalis, Ian Tudor and Dylan Summers, Lazarus Naturals has today become one of the most loved brands. The brand has always supported the idea of affordable and natural healthcare, thus venturing out into the benefits of cannabinoids.

You can buy Lazarus Naturals products at The Online CBD Store. We have a wide ranging stock of the brand’s best CBD and CBG tinctures, gummies, softgels balms, massage oils, dog and pet treats and more. From full spectrum to broad spectrum and CBD isolales, we have all the delicious variants of the brand. Not only that, but you can come across enticing discounts and offers while shopping at the OnlineCBDStore.

A Lazarus CBD product has a shelf life of somewhere between a year or two. It all comes down to how well you store your products. We recommend storing your CBD oils and tinctures in cool, dry and dark places of the house. Avoid storing it in the humid places, near windows or heat sources or in extremely hot or cold areas of the house.

Improper storage of CBD products can lead to degraded quality and ultimately, a reduction in potency and early expiration.

Here is how you can use our CBD tinctures:

  • Every tincture has a varying potency and thus a dosage direction on their label. This could be a single drop, two drops or more. Restrict yourself to the dose directed.
  • You can put the tincture right under your tongue for a few seconds to allow absorption or add it to another drink of your choice.
  • Once consumed, wait for about 30-45 minutes and allow the product to take effect.
  • We recommend starting with lower potency products and consuming the smallest directed dose as a beginner. You can add onto your doses as you build your tolerance.
  • You can consume another dose after a few hours when the effects begin to wean off.

As per a study, CBD has shown potential to be a good source of relief from physical discomfort. For this purpose, you can try the Lazarus CBD line of  tinctures, gummies, pain relief balms, roll ons, and massage oils that can help you relax better.

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