Redwood Reserves

Redwood Reserves

Get the Promise of 100% Organic and Pure Hemp Products by Redwood Reserves.

Nature knows best. At Redwood Reserves only sun, water, and the fertile soil of the Willamette Valley grow our seed-to-smoke hemp cigarettes, nugs, and even CBD dabs. Utilizing the latest technologies and the knowledge of experts in the hemp industry allows us to grow craft hemp flowers. Embracing the principles of originality, Redwood Reserves is offering all-natural and highly organic CBD cigs, concentrates, and buds.  Focusing on their hemp, they can produce CBD flowers that have an unrivaled taste. Creating a state of mind that indulges the senses, smoothes out the edges, and releases the tension.


Enjoy the Effects Of CBD + CBG

Redwood Reserves - Powered by Nature No Pesticides or Chemicals.

We Only Use the Power of Sun, Water and Years of Expertise to Cultivate CBD-rich Hemp.

Yes, hemp-derived products with under 0.3% THC are legal to use as per the 2018 Farm Bill. So you can legally buy and use Redwood Reserves CBD Cigarettes, Pre-Rolls and Dabs in most states of the USA.

The CBD cigarettes from Redwood Reserves are rolled with the flower strains listed below:

  • Golden Redwood
  • Carolina Dream
  • Wild Bourbon

Yes, Redwood Reserves CBD cigarettes are safe to smoke compared to any tobacco or nicotine smokes. These cigarettes are filled with the goodness of CBD, THC and all the hemp derived cannabis extracts that provide relief and relaxation without the harmful side effects generally associated with smokes.

Yes, CBD cigarettes might show up on a drug test. Despite containing under 0.3% THC, which is federally legal, it is easy to detect the small THC percentage via intense drug screening tests like blood or urine tests.

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